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World Cancer Day at Genedata

February 4, 2022
Jana Hersch, Marie-Ange Kouassi, Justyna Lisowska, Jason Smith, Ada Yee

Genedata honors all patients, doctors, and scientists on the frontlines of the fight against cancer and is fully committed to help cure, diagnose, and prevent cancer. By digitalizing biopharma R&D, Genedata supports faster and more efficient development of new treatments and diagnostic tools. Here are some of the ways we are advancing cancer R&D.

Helping Immatics Streamline Discovery of Novel Immunotherapeutics

New treatments such as antibodies and CAR-Ts have produced astonishing clinical outcomes in some cancers, e.g., subsets of leukemias or lymphoma. Other types of cancer such as solid tumors will require additional novel approaches. Read how Immatics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing T-cell receptor (TCR)-based cancer immunotherapies, uses Genedata Biologics® for the discovery and development of high-affinity and high-specificity T-cell receptors for adoptive cell therapies (ACT) and bispecific TCRs.

Immatics' Story

Accelerating Pfizer’s Process Development for Biotherapeutic Manufacturing

Development of cancer biotherapeutics presents unique challenges, including finding the optimum manufacturing process. Bioprocess development includes identification of the best producer cell lines, optimizing upstream and downstream processes, formulation development, and associated analytics. Learn how Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, is using Genedata Bioprocess® in combination with Genedata Biologics to develop its cancer biotherapeutics.

Pfizer's Story

Supporting Sanofi in Selecting the Best Cancer Drug Candidates

Sanofi is developing a cutting-edge technology toolkit ranging from monoclonal antibodies to the most advanced cell and gene therapies to fight cancer. Learn how Genedata Expressionist® delivers in-depth insights that enable scientists at Sanofi to make better informed decisions in selecting the most promising drug candidates, leading to much lower attrition rates downstream, and ultimately, faster delivery of novel therapies to patients.

Sanofi's Story

Harmonizing Merck’s Bioassay Analysis in Cancer Research

The search for new therapeutics to inhibit tumor growth involves high-throughput bioassays that measure cell growth inhibition, cell proliferation, and cellular toxicity. Large organizations with multiple teams discovering and developing diverse cancer therapeutics often find it challenging to enforce standards and best practices for assay execution and quantification. See how Genedata Screener® helped Merck harmonize their analyses, automatically perform important normalization steps, and derive key decision parameters, helping to move drug discovery efforts forward.

Merck's Story

Enabling Precision Oncology

Understanding cancer patient variability is essential for predicting successful response to individual or combination cancer therapies. Learn how Genedata Profiler® accelerates the development of precision cancer therapeutics as well as diagnostic tools such as the liquid biopsy test for breast and ovarian cancer by enabling multidimensional data integration, advanced data analytics, and visualization.

Precision IO Story

EpiFemCare Story