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Future Labs Live

Basel, Switzerland
June 26–27, 2024
Booth #77

Meet Genedata experts at the Future Labs Live in Basel, Switzerland at booth #77. Don't miss the opportunity to see how Genedata Screener® analyzes, visualizes, and manages screening data from in-vitro screening assay technologies across the enterprise, including very complex as well as ultra-high throughput experiments. 

To get more information about Genedata Screener, please contact screener(at)genedata.com.

Recommended Oral Presentations

Accelerating Merck’s DMTA Cycle with Genedata Automation: Data Load, QC, & Report​​
Sebastian W. Fuchs, Lab Head Bioassay Automation, Merck 
Digital Transformation
Wednesday, June 26 | 3:15 pm – 3:45 pm

To expedite Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany's small molecule Design, Make, Test, and Analyze (DMTA) cycle, our presentation emphasizes automating data flow using Genedata Screener. While both laboratory process automation and data flow automation can significantly accelerate the DMTA cycle, our focus here is specifically on enhancing efficiency through the automation of data flow, thereby streamlining operations, and reducing cycle times.
This presentation will cover multiple facets: data ingestion into Screener, automated plate mapping, quality control of assay data, dose-response curve classification, and automated reporting into Merck’s company database.

Eco-Smart Automated Assay Processing
Toby Winchester, Product Manager, Titian Software 
Sascha Fischer, Business Development Manager, Genedata
Data Management, Standards & Analytics
Wednesday, June 26 | 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Automating intricate wet lab processes within R&D workflows with Mosaic Sample Management Software streamlines the overall research procedure, yet manually managing the resulting data poses a significant bottleneck. We'll showcase how our collaboration with Genedata Screener, facilitates the digitalization of Titians automation workflows.

We will illustrate an autonomous unattended cascade of follow-up assay results triggered by response hits, added to Mosaic assay requests to allow eco-optimisedliquid handler runs. Through the integration of Screener and Mosaic, we'll demonstrate how Screener autonomously supplies the hits to be pursued, while Mosaic automatically manages sample plate handling and initiates the follow-up assay.

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