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Festival of Biologics Basel 2023

Basel, Switzerland
October 10–12, 2023

Meet Genedata experts at the Festival of Biologics at the Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland, booth #712.

With award-winning platforms and deep domain expertise, Genedata solutions boost the efficiency, throughput, and quality of pharmaceutical R&D. Don't miss the opportunity to see how Genedata solutions digitalize and automate R&D workflows of biotherapeutics and vaccines, including screening, engineering, expression, purification and analysis, cell line development, bioprocess optimization, MS- and NGS-based quality control, and clinical trial design. To get more information about Genedata solutions, please contact info@genedata.com.

    Recommended Keynote Presentation

    Work Smarter Not Harder: Emerging Lessons on Data from Biopharma R&D
    Jana Hersch, Ph.D., Head of Corporate Scientific Engagement, Genedata
    Tuesday, October 10, 2023 | 09:40 AM

    Digital transformation is driving change in biopharmaceutical companies of every size. With the steady increase in laboratory automation, growing data stores across all modalities including multi-specifics, cell and gene therapies, and RNA therapeutics are being leveraged for AI/ML approaches. Multiple digital solutions need to be connected and structured into robust data streams so that companies can seamlessly access, analyze, integrate, report, and model data for R&D projects. We will discuss emerging lessons showing how biopharma and biotech companies are connecting every part of data and analytics ecosystems to extract maximum value, reduce effort duplication, and implement AI/ML approaches.
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    Recommended Panel Discussion

    Learning from Data to Improve Predictions in Biologics R&D
    Moderated by Jana Hersch, Ph.D., Head of Scientific Engagement, Genedata
    Thursday, October 12, 2023 | 09:55 AM

    Advances in AI technology, availability of data, and evolving R&D workflows

    • Future trends in biologics design, engineering, and process development
    • Automation — instrument integration, workflow, and process automation
    • Enhancing collaboration & innovation through digitalization

    Vivian Lee, Senior Research Scientist, Protein Therapeutics, Gilead Sciences
    Vanita D. Sood, Ph.D., SVP, Head of Drug Discovery Research, Fable Therapeutics

    Uwe Wittenberg, Ph.D., Director of Research Informatics, Merck Healthcare
    Soraya Hoelper, Ph.D., Project Lead for Portfolio and Strategy, Sanofi

    Recommended Roundtable Discussion

    Automating Data Analysis in Biopharma R&D: SEC, MS, Bioreactor Data, and Beyond
    Isabel Kolinko, Ph.D., Business Development Manager, Genedata
    Wednesday, October 11, 2023 | 11:30 AM
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    Recommended Poster Presentations

    • Developing RNA Therapeutics with the Genedata Biopharma Platform
      Eric Abellan, Ph.D., Business Account Manager, Bioprocess, Genedata
    • Robust and Unbiased New Peak Detection (NPD) in the Multi-Attribute Method (MAM): A Streamlined Data Analysis Workflow
      Arnd Brandenburg, Ph.D., Scientific Account Manager, Expressionist, Genedata
    • High-Throughput Identity Testing of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Using a Fully Automated, Sample-Specific Data Workflow
      Dominik Mertens, Ph.D., Scientific Account Manager, Expressionist, Genedata
    • Comprehensive Analysis of Nanobody NGS Libraries
      Christoph Bredack, Ph.D., Business Account Manager, Biologics, Genedata
    • Automating Assay Data Analysis Along the Antibody Discovery Pipeline
      Simone Borgoni, Ph.D., Scientific Account Manager, Screener, Genedata
    • Design, Generation, and Evaluation of TCR-, TCR mimetic-, and CAR-based Therapeutics for Cancer Immunotherapy
      Sebastian Kolinko, Ph.D., Product Manager, Biologics, Genedata
    • Automated Production of Viral Vectors for Cell and Gene Therapy
      Yannick Hauser, Ph.D., Scientific Account Manager, Bioprocess, Genedata
    • Improving Efficiency in Discovery and Development of Bispecifics and ADCs
      Milan Ganguly, Ph.D., Business Account Manager, Bioprocess, Genedata
    • Designing and Screening Complex Proteins with Novel Capabilities at Industrial Scale
      Mizue Hisano, Ph.D., Scientific Business Consultant, Biologics, Genedata
    • Digitalization Fuels Innovation in Vaccine Research
      Milan Ganguly, Ph.D., Business Account Manager, Bioprocess, Genedata
    • High-Throughput Screening for Best Manufacturing Cell Lines using Scale-Down Models
      Maxime Rantz, Ph.D., Scientific Account Manager, Bioprocess, Genedata
    • Analyzing Perfusion Processes in an Integrated Process Development Platform
      Maxime Rantz, Ph.D., Scientific Account Manager, Bioprocess, Genedata