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Festival of Biologics 2023

San Diego, CA, USA
March 20–22, 2023

Meet Genedata experts at the Festival of Biologics.

Don't miss the opportunity to see how Genedata solutions efficiently support the whole biopharmaceutical R&D workflow, including target discovery, bioprocess development, biosafety, and clinical trial optimization, and support diverse modalities including protein-, cell-, DNA-, and RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.

For more information about Genedata solutions or to set up a meeting, please contact info(at)genedata.com.

Recommended Posters

Recommended Oral Presentations

Faster Time to Market through Digital Innovation in Biologics Research and Development     
Jolyon Terragni, Ph.D., Head of Operations, Biologics, Genedata, Lexington, MA, USA
Tuesday, March ​21, 2023 | 9:30–9:55 am

Biologics research and development present unique challenges in data management and analytics. Complex logistics, massive data streams from unique HT processes, and diverse modalities such as antibodies and bispecifics, cell and gene therapies, and RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines require on-going advancement of fit-for-purpose digital technology and automation approaches. Digital innovation can significantly accelerate biologics research and development and it is increasingly seen as a competitive differentiator. We present use cases showing how biopharma and biotech organizations digitalize and automate their biologics workflows today and how they leverage having full traceability and data integrity for data sciences and machine learning.

Recommended Panel Discussions

Keynote Panel Discussion: Learning from Data to Improve Predictions in Biologics R&D
Moderated by Jessy Sheng, Ph.D., Head of US Scientific Consulting, Biologics, Genedata, San Francisco, CA, USA
Wednesday, March ​22, 2023 | 9:30–10:20 am

Bharti Gajera, Ph.D., Associate Director – IT Business Partner, Biotherapeutics, Bristol Myers Squibb
Qing Chai, Executive Director of Computational Biology, Eli Lilly
Mimi Zhou, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Therapeutic Discovery, Janssen
Seema Kumar, Ph.D., Director & Head of Clinical Bioanalytical Sciences, EMD Serono

  • Advances in AI technology, availability of data, and evolving R&D workflows
  • Future trends in biologics design, engineering, and process development
  • Automation instrument integration, workflow, and process automation
  • Enhancing collaboration & innovation through digitalization