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Takeda Expands Research with Genedata Expressionist for Mass Spectrometry

Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company extends Genedata Expressionist licensing for proteomics and metabolomics experiments

July 27, 2011
Tokyo, Japan

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, today announced Takeda Pharmaceutical Company expanded its Genedata Expressionist® licensing. Takeda uses Genedata Expressionist for managing and analyzing massive amounts of mass spectrometry (MS) data for a wide variety of metabolomics and proteomics applications. With the release of Genedata Expressionist 7.0, Takeda will capitalize on the latest advancements in multi-vendor MS data integration, support for untargeted proteomics and metabolomics, and targeted Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM). Genedata Expressionist 7.0 will be featured at the 9th Japan Human Proteome Organization (JHUPO) conference in Niigata City (July 28–30).

“We have successfully used Genedata Expressionist on a daily basis for our biomarker discovery projects,” said a Takeda scientist in charge of biomarker research. “Therefore, we have come to rely on Genedata Expressionist’s high-throughput capabilities and analysis accuracy, which enables my team to quickly identify important biomarkers. Our decision to extend the usage of Genedata Expressionist is based on Genedata’s collaborative support model. We are especially encouraged by the latest version’s support of the Japanese language as well as its MRM capabilities.”

With its intuitive interface, Genedata Expressionist is extremely easy to use, putting statistics into the hands of both researchers and biostatisticians. These capabilities enable users to mine data from related experiments and combine in-house knowledge with public domain data.

Identifying Biomarkers for Safety and Efficacy
As pharmaceutical companies move towards the development of more personalized drug therapies, the need to integrate and analyze a wide variety of proteomics and metabolomics workflows is a key research requirement. Genedata Expressionist for MS processes large experimental data sets from all major MS vendors and technology workflows—including GC- and LC-MS (/MS), labeled and unlabeled—regardless of data formats.

Each technology workflow usually requires specific pre-processing steps to create comparable experiments and to enable statistical analysis across samples. Genedata Expressionist for MS rapidly automates and standardizes such pre-processing and performs integrated statistical analysis of extremely large and diverse biological data sets. The system’s powerful data analysis and management capabilities are magnified with comprehensive, interactive visualizations at every processing step.

Genedata Expressionist for MS also features advanced data mining and visualizations, complemented by statistical applications including t-Test, ANOVA, Linear Models, Principal Components Analysis (PCA), and Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis.

“We are excited about our long-term collaboration in biomarker discovery with Takeda, a leader in pharmaceutical research,” noted Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “Recently, we have seen an increase in applications for discovering protein and metabolite biomarkers based on MS technologies, in particular for personalized medicine and drug safety studies. Genedata Expressionist supports a wide range of applications and enables a highly efficient drug discovery process. Takeda is leveraging these benefits and we are delighted to have Takeda’s continued confidence in Genedata Expressionist.”

About Genedata

Genedata transforms data into intelligence with innovative software solutions that incorporate extensive biopharma R&D domain knowledge. Multinational biopharmaceutical organizations and cutting-edge biotechs around the globe rely on Genedata to digitalize and automate data-rich and complex R&D processes. From early discovery all the way to the clinic, Genedata solutions help maximize the ROI in R&D expenditure. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with additional offices in Boston, London, Munich, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo.
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Our decision to extend the usage of Genedata Expressionist is based on Genedata’s collaborative support model