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New Release of Genedata Selector Automates State-of-the-Art NGS-Based Workflows in Biopharma R&D

Latest version of innovative enterprise platform represents a leap forward in digitalization, accelerating routine NGS analysis for efficient cell line development, process optimization and biosafety applications

June 23, 2020
Basel, Switzerland

Genedata, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D, today announced the  release of Genedata Selector® 6.0, the latest version of its innovative enterprise software solution for automation of next generation sequencing (NGS)-based workflows. The software has been developed in collaboration with biopharma customers and is rapidly being adopted by leading biopharma companies to increase efficiencies, from research to development and into biosafety testing.

Efficient NGS analysis and comprehensive data management throughout an organization are required to address increasing numbers of projects and to speed up the development of biotherapeutics. Genedata Selector automates NGS-based workflows with wizard-style playbooks that guide users through the entire workflow from sample registration to report generation. These playbooks can be adapted to any laboratory’s workflows; using pre-approved data processing pipelines, they enable scientists to perform routine analysis in cell line development and adventitious agent detection independent of expert bioinformatics support. Scientists can access results immediately, resulting in significant time savings.

Genedata Selector 6.0 Highlights
The newest release of Genedata Selector includes NGS data processing workflows which can be approved and locked for use in playbooks to minimize the risk of variations in data processing. This automation streamlines and standardizes routine data processing and allows scientists to focus more on their experiments and interpretation of the data. New features to enhance the user experience include a configurable dashboard with status cards to provide scientists and managers quick access to project status and other information. A new, robust genome loading tool enhances the system performance and simplifies genome database maintenance. In Genedata Selector 6.0, sample and data management, visualization, and analysis are tightly integrated to allow for full data transparency and to enable audit reports with time-stamped transactions.

The playbooks allow complex NGS analysis in cell line development and process optimization, such as clone selection with Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA), to be brought in-house and drastically reduce the time required to generate results. In addition, playbooks for adventitious agent detection enable rapid on-site biosafety analysis of cell banks, raw material, and lot release testing, saving weeks compared to sending samples out for analysis to a CRO.

”With Genedata Selector we focus on streamlining and automating complex NGS-based applications for the biopharmaceutical industry, to accelerate the digitalization of our rapidly growing customer base,” said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, Ph.D., CEO of Genedata. “Biopharmas that choose to manage innovation on Genedata Selector 6.0 can take a big leap forward to reach full digitalization today and enable easy access to high quality data within their organizations.”

About Genedata

Genedata transforms data into intelligence with innovative software solutions that incorporate extensive biopharma R&D domain knowledge. Multinational biopharmaceutical organizations and cutting-edge biotechs around the globe rely on Genedata to digitalize and automate data-rich and complex R&D processes. From early discovery all the way to the clinic, Genedata solutions help maximize the ROI in R&D expenditure. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with additional offices in Boston, London, Munich, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo.
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With Genedata Selector we focus on streamlining and automating complex NGS-based applications for the biopharmaceutical industry, to accelerate the digitalization of our rapidly growing customer base