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ASGCT 25TH Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C., USA or virtual
May 16–19, 2022

Meet Genedata Selector experts at ASGCT 25th Annual Meeting!

Recommended Poster Presentations:

Assessing Heterogeneity of CD8+ CAR-T Cell Subpopulations Using Single-Cell RNA Sequencing
Qiu Ruan, PhD, Scientific Account Manager, Genedata Selector, Genedata Inc.
David Killen, Business Account Manager, Genedata Selector, Genedata Inc.

Many cancer therapies rely on immunotherapeutic approaches. Chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) immunotherapies have transformed treatment options for many cancer patients. The cellular composition of the CAR-T cells, including the proportions CD8+ T cell subpopulations, is a critical success factor for efficient CAR-T immunotherapy. CD8+ T cells play a crucial role in eliminating tumor cells, with various subpopulations playing different roles in tumor response. Single-cell RNA-seq profiling can serve as an analytical tool to capture cell-to-cell variability in CAR-T cells and identify the right cell types to ensure cell expansion, persistence, and anti-tumor activity.

Here, utilizing the Genedata Selector® software, we analyzed a public single-cell RNA-seq dataset that was generated from the CAR-T infusion products and blood of patients with durable persistence to immunotherapy. Utilizing the automated single-cell RNA-seq workflow, as implemented in the Genedata Selector® software for this study, enabled the rapid testing of our hypothesis by profiling CD8+ T cell population before and after infusion and identifying transcriptional profiles associated with positive therapeutic outcome to CAR-T immunotherapy.

To schedule a meeting in advance or receive more information on Genedata Selector®, please contact selector(at)genedata.com or visit us at our posters.

Poster session: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm | Hall D | Board Numer Tu-165