What's New in Screener 14.0

October 5, 2016

Dr. Leigh Foster

Genedata released the newest version of our software platform for all in-vitro screening. Download our webinar to learn What's New in Screener 14.0.

Genedata Screener 14.0 meets your data analysis workflow challenges and helps you deliver faster and better. The new version brings improvements within:

Automation and workflows

  • Best-practice workflows assisting expert users and beginners
  • Automated and editable compound mapping
  • Increased efficiency for dose-response curve assay analysis

Result integration

  • Result integration across assays
  • Better overviews with HCS images next to compound results
  • Improved summary views for combination assay results

Collaboration support

  • Simplified and safe sharing of data and results between Screener servers
  • Standardized sharing within the enterprise and with partners with customizable reports