Genedata Combines High-Throughput Screening and Pharmacological Profiling in the New Version of the Screener Software System

Basel, Switzerland, September 16, 2003

Genedata announced today the release of Screener version 2.0 for the analysis of high-throughput screening and pharmacological profiling data. The software system standardizes and optimizes the complete screening data analysis process - from primary high-throughput screening and secondary validation screening to compound profiling and lead optimization. Screener saves significant costs and resources in the downstream drug discovery process by reducing both false-positive and false-negative rates as well as performing routine, comprehensive compound assessment for early guidance in compound optimization.

This version of the Screener system extends coverage of the screening workflow by incorporating the analysis of hit confirmation screens, dose-response- and high-content assays. Further key improvements include novel methods for relating chemical cluster information to compound activities and enhanced data analysis automation and standardization that increases the power and operational efficiency of the system for non-data-analysis experts. The software's modular design and open architecture allows the system to be incorporated into any customer process.

Condoseo, a new module that processes validation screens and dose-response screens, is a highlight of version 2.0. Development partners already confirm its value. "Condoseo enables me to process my high-throughput validation screens with great efficiency," says Dr. Johannes Ottl, Lab Head of Nanoscreening at the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research Basel. "I have come to appreciate its robust fitting of dose-response data and smart visualization to assess thousands of compounds I validate after each HTS campaign. The speed of computation and the quality of the fit results are excellent. Condoseo is very flexible, as it supports interactive analysis of single concentration series as well as fully automated processing of complete screens."

In the opinion of Prof. Dr. Jutta Heim, Global Head of the Lead Discovery Center at Novartis, "Screener ideally complements the internal company-wide database system and helps in coping with the dramatically increased screening demands."

"The valuable feedback from our customers and partners drives the development of the Screener system," said Dr. Stephan Heyse, project leader of Genedata Screener. "Their daily experience in using Screener coupled with our computational and process expertise has laid the foundation for this powerful new version. Now, our customers can leverage Screener's efficiency and ease-of-use across the entire screening value chain, and increase productivity in biological testing throughout the enterprise."

Screener is available for licensing by other organizations that strive to accelerate and improve their drug discovery process by optimizing their screening. Genedata offers an integrated business model that includes software licenses, highly valued professional services and scientific consulting.

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