PepTalk - The Protein Science Week

January 20-24, 2020
San Diego, CA, USA

Meet Genedata experts at PepTalk in San Diego, CA, USA.

Don't miss the opportunity to see how Genedata solutions efficiently support the whole biopharmaceutical R&D workflow, including screening and protein engineering, expression and purification, characterization and analysis of protein therapeutics, cell line design and development, bioprocess optimization, and quality control of biologicals.

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Recommended Oral Presentations

Dealing with the Combinatorial Complexity of Protein Engineering: Bi- and Multi-specifics, TCRs and CAR Ts
Sebastian Kolinko, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Consultant, Biologics, Genedata

Bispecific Antibodies Session
Thursday, January 23 | 9:30–10:00

We present a new technology platform to fully automate both molecular design, as well as the integrated assessment of potency, efficacy, and developability profiling of large panels of bispecific candidates. We will present use cases showing how the platform allows for the systematic cloning, expression, purification, and characterization of complex multi-specific, CAR T and TCR modalities, with a focus on immuno-oncology applications.

Recommended Poster Presentations

Session A (Monday-Tuesday)

Industrializing Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Discovery Platforms

Integrated Sample and Data Management for Micro-Bioreactor Experiments

Session B (Tuesday-Wednesday)

Achieving Operational Efficiency in Bioprocess Development