BioProcess International European Summit - Cell Line Development

April 25 - 26, 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meet Genedata experts at the Bioprocess and Cell Line Development conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Don't miss this opportunity to see how Genedata solutions support the entire bioprocess development workflow and increase efficiency, throughput, and quality.

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Recommended Oral Presentation

A Novel Integrated End-to-End Workflow System Supporting High Throughput Cell Line and Scale-down Upstream Process Screening       
Christoph Freiberg, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Consultant, Genedata

We have implemented a dedicated cell line development platform for automating the generation, selection, and assessment of mammalian cell lines. By centrally capturing and processing all data along the CLD process, the system identifies high-yield cell lines showing the most promise for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. By directly integrating with laboratory instruments, such as pipetting robots, colony pickers, bioreactors, and bioanalyzers, the platform streamlines all relevant laboratory operations such as seeding, selection, incubation, passaging, analyzing, and cryo-conservation. Co-developed with leading biopharmaceutical companies, the system tracks the full history of all clones, along with product quality and analytics data, significantly increasing process efficiency and quality.

Cell Line and Host Cell Engineering Session
Tuesday, April 25  | 15:55 - 16:15

Recommended Poster Presentations 

Genedata BioprocessTM for High-throughput Cell Line Screening and Development

The key aim of cell line development is the provision of stably expressing, high-yield mammalian cell lines for biopharmaceutical production. Progress in automation technologies, as well as new Quality-by-Design (QbD) approaches, has resulted in a significant increase in experimental throughput. This has led to a dramatic increase in the number of samples and associated analytics data that need to be processed, analyzed, interpreted, and reported across the whole CMC/Pharmaceutical Development organization. Genedata BioprocessTM is a new workflow platform that enables highly automated, HT cell line development processes and supports all steps in best-producer clone selection, including passaging, cryo-conservation, automation support, bioreactor evaluation, and quality assessment. 

Genedata BioprocessTM  for the Integrated Analysis of Bioreactor Online and Offline Data

The increasing use of downscale bioreactors in cell line and bioprocess development has led to a significant increase in the number of experiments being performed in a parallel. Such scale-down cell culture models are applied in clone selection, process optimization, and for bioreactor upscaling campaigns. The amount of data that has to be stored, aggregated, visualized, and statistically analyzed has grown dramatically. Our newly developed platform enables the automatic capture of all online and offline data (e.g., pH, O2, metabolic data), auto-calculations and aggregations (e.g., IVCD, Qp) and multi-parametric assessment of any type of time-series bioreactor data in the context of experimental protocol data (e.g., process parameters, feeds). A special focus is the analysis of data from mini-bioreactors such as the ambr15® systems, which are operated in parallel (n x 12 reactors). Cross-reactor scale comparisons are a second focus (e.g., ambr15 vs. DasGip® bioreactors). Finally, we show how the platform enables the correlation of process parameters (e.g., fermentation protocols, media recipes, bioreactor control parameters), with key performance indicators of the processes (e.g., Titer, Qp) and the cell line history and product quality attributes (e. g., aggregation, glycosylation profiles).