Bio-IT World

April 16–18, 2019
Boston, MA, USA

Join the Genedata team of experts at the Bio-IT World conference in Boston, MA. Ask for a demonstration of Genedata Screener 16.0 at booth #517.

To schedule a meeting in advance or to receive more information on Genedata Screener, please contact

You also have the opportunity to find out more about our new solution, Genedata Imagence, a high content screening (HCS) image analysis software based on deep learning. To get more information about Imagence or to arrange a meeting, please contact

Recommended Oral Presentations

An E2E Platform Approach to Increasing Biopharma R&D Efficiency
Sebastian Schlicker, Director, Biologics Business, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland

W1: Data Management for Biologics: Registration and Beyond
Tuesday, April 16 | 10:30-11:00

Today’s biopharma organizations are challenged by higher throughputs and data volumes due to increasing laboratory automation, more diverse therapeutic formats, such as bi- and multi- specific antibodies, ADCs, CARTs, and TCR, and the need to digitalize R&D. Here, we present an open and scalable E2E platform that supports the entire large-molecule R&D process by integrating and streamlining screening, engineering, expression, purification and analytics workflows. We give examples of large-scale platform deployments and show how this has led to a significant increase in operational efficiency. With direct integration to laboratory instruments and robotics stations, the platform fully automates data capture, processing, and interpretation. We will also show how the platform enables a systematic approach to employing machine learning concepts to guide the directed engineering and development of next-generation medicines.