Genedata Screener® SPR Data Analysis - When Your Time Matters

New Software Solution, Co-developed with AstraZeneca

Request our in-depth data analysis video recording and see how you can:

  • Fully control every analysis step from raw sensorgrams to final results
  • Automate the pre-processing and interactively adjust it from anywhere in the analysis workflow
  • Select analysis method independent of instrument

A co-development project with AstraZeneca to address pain points and simplify surface plasmon resonance (SPR) data analysis resulted in Genedata Screener for SPR. Biacore® data support comes out of the box but the software is designed to analyze SPR data analysis independent of instrument.

Our video shows SPR data analysis from import to final hit list generation in real time. Request access now.

Dr. Per Hillertz, AstraZeneca

“Being able to adjust any pre-processing step from anywhere in the analysis process combined with Screener’s ability to automate the pre-processing steps are huge benefits to researchers.”

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