for Genomic Profiling

Genedata Expressionist® for Genomic Profiling is a comprehensive, enterprise software solution that manages, analyzes, and visualizes massive amounts of raw data from next-generation sequencing, microarray, real time-PCR, and other genomic technologies. Relied on by researchers applying high-density analytical technologies, Genedata Expressionist integrates and analyzes genomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics, and phenotypic data within a single high-throughput system. Built on an open and flexible client-server architecture, the solution thrives on large and complex experimental data sets from all major vendors and technology platforms and can be easily integrated into existing research IT environments.

Selection of Supported Technologies

Genedata Expressionist for Genomic Profiling enables researchers to combine data from different technologies, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarray, real-time PCR, and other genomic technologies. Beyond processing, visualization, and analysis of raw data, the software focuses on data integration, providing a selection of statistical tools advancing our understanding of biological systems and diseases.

Genomics / DNA-Seq:

  • Quantification of SNPs and InDels
  • Chromosome rearrangement and gene fusion
  • Quality control of called variants
  • Annotation of variants with dbSNP or other external sources
  • Functional annotation of variants
  • Analysis of copy number variations

Transcriptomics / RNA-Seq:

  • Gene, exon, and transcript-level quantification and expression analysis
  • Identification of transcripts, novel genes, and exons
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Detection of RNA-editing

Epigenomics / ChiP-Seq / Methyl-Seq:

  • Peak detection
  • Annotation of detected peak regions
  • Quantification of DNA methylation from ChIP or bisulfite treated DNA experiments
  • Identification and annotation of differentially methylated sites

Key Features
Beyond Software
  • Unified enterprise system for data integration, analysis, and management
  • Proven scalability, 100s of users, 1000s of NGS experiments
  • Intuitive user interface designed for flexibility and ease of use, specifically for interdisciplinary teams
  • Rich statistical toolbox covers a wide range of data analysis requirements
  • Graphical workflows for standardized data processing
  • Comprehensive and interactive visual feedback at every processing step
  • Enterprise solution enables end-to-end data and result traceability ensuring standardization and reproducibility

Increased Efficiency
  • Full, source-independent data integration maximizes value of NGS data
  • Integration of diverse in-house and public data maximizes productivity
  • Unified system guarantees high quality results and data management
  • Strengthens collaboration within interdisciplinary teams of scientists
  • Easy and cost-efficient integration with existing IT environments
  • Significantly reduces time and cost of NGS data analysis and data management
  • GxP compliance facilitates FDA submissions
  • Benefit from customization services to meet specific requirements, delivered by the Genedata Professional Services team of biologists, computer scientists, and statisticians.