Genedata Expressionist® is built on open and scalable client-server architecture with a rich set of APIs. It provides a centrally managed, secure, and scalable data processing and visualization platform, which can be tightly integrated with existing research IT ecosystems.
Genedata Expressionist includes a complete data management system. Experimental data (Mass Spec, Genome, NGS, Microarray) and results are stored, secured and made accessible throughout the enterprise. In-house and public databases can easily be integrated. 

Client-Server Architecture
High-Throughput Data Analyses

Genedata Expressionist has a scalable client-server architecture well-suited for all large-scale studies and high-throughput data analyses. This architecture significantly decreases network traffic by providing a query response rather than total file transfer while building a foundation for speed and scalability. It guarantees effortless maintenance and ensures a high degree of data sharing, reliability, and integrity.

Flexible and Easy Extensions

Genedata Expressionist includes a rich set of well-tested and documented APIs, which address all aspects of data import, export, and result reporting. APIs allow for flexible and easy extension with external algorithms and methods.

Data Management and Retrieval

Oracle® database technologies enable enterprise-wide data management and retrieval. With a smooth integration of Genedata Expressionist into any existing IT environment, data and annotation can be imported from in-house or third-party databases and results can be reported directly into corporate knowledge management systems.