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Improving the Diagnosis and Therapeutic Outcome of Ovarian Cancer Using Novel Liquid Biopsy Tests with Genedata Profiler

April 21, 2017 - Prof. Martin Widschwendter (University College London, coordinator of the EpiFemCare project) & Dr. Marisa Fernandez (Genedata)

Learn about the development of new liquid biopsy tests for early detection and prediction of therapeutic outcome in ovarian cancer.

Breast and ovarian cancers pose huge and still largely unsolved challenges for the medical profession. The EU FP7 EpiFemCare project, to which Genedata was a key contributor, has made significant progress in improving the screening, diagnosis and personalized care of women with such cancers, by developing new liquid biopsy tests based on novel analyses of DNA methylation patterns.

This webinar by Prof. Martin Widschwendter of University College London, coordinator of the EpiFemCare project, gives an overview and discusses the clinical validation and healthcare impact of improved screening and diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer.

Dr. Marisa Fernandez of Genedata discusses how Genedata scientists working with our Genedata Profiler™ platform overcame the challenges of finding tumor specific biomarkers for use as liquid biopsies from highly diluted tumor-specific DNA fragments in blood. We review these challenges, demonstrate the development of new bioinformatics techniques for scanning RRBS methylation patterns unique to tumor samples and discuss the validation of these biomarkers for use as diagnostic and prognostic tests. Finally, we show how combining Genedata's industry leading data science and software can be applied to other precision oncology challenges.

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