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Streamlined, High-Quality Interpretation of Mechanistic Screening Data

Early inclusion of mechanistic information—and in particular, kinetic information—can dramatically enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of drug programs, by ensuring the propagation of only the most high-quality leads for further development. This tutorial will showcase Genedata Screener’s enterprise solution for mechanistic analysis, originally developed in close collaboration with major pharma companies. This solution ensures reliable, consistent analysis of mechanistic assays performed with biophysical or tracer-based methods. In an automated and scalable fashion, it readily handles a range of analyses including mechanism of inhibition, progress curves (slow binding/jump dilution), and kinetic probe competition assays (kPCA). 

In the webinar, we’ll highlight a major new achievement of the solution: rapid availability of all mechanistic screening results across the organization, together with a new statistical approach in Screener that assists and automates complex result interpretation and decision-making--even by non-experts--without a compromise in quality or coherence. We illustrate how this software dovetails into a modern pharmaceutical research workflow, delivering reliable result parameters at the speed demanded by today’s drug discovery programs.

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