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Genedata Screener Assay Catalog

Genedata Screener

Genedata Screener® Assay Catalog helps scientists to provide biological context for both simple and complex screening results, ensuring that all experiments are annotated with rigor and consistency. By standardizing the context description on the corporate level, Assay Catalog ensures that every result is sufficiently characterized before it is uploaded to the data warehouse. Consequently, Assay Catalog gives project teams across the organization access to experimental information via biologically-informed queries and facilitates the interpretation and consolidation of results across experiments, for better decisionmaking. Moreover, the structure and machine-readability rendered by Assay Catalog opens the possibility of future, AI-assisted downstream analyses.

Assay Catalog is an out-of-box, fully-supported solution that evolves with the adoption of new assay technologies, making for an easy-to-implement, long-lasting data management system that enhances efficiency and productivity in drug discovery research and development.