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Facilitating Natural Product Discovery for Crop Protection with Genedata Selector

January 12, 2022

International Plant & Animal Genome XXIX
January 8-12, 2022
San Diego, CA, USA

With the worldwide population pressure and climate changes, there is a pressing need to increase global food production. To address this, many key players across the agriscience industry are consistently searching for innovative methods to improve traits and develop next-generation crop protection and plant health agents. By enabling scientists to leverage integrated metabolomics and genomics, advanced software solutions facilitate efficient discovery and development of effective and sustainable agrichemicals. The integration of omics data with genomics accelerates lead identification for eco-friendly, biological crop protection agrichemicals. 

The Genedata Selector® platform supports the entire research and development workflow for natural product screening, from data integration, normalization, and analysis to lead identification. Here we describe how the enterprise platform empowers scientists to leverage gathered data using state-of-the-art multi-omics analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms. Using the collaborative platform, scientists can benefit from efficient strain engineering and optimization coupled with quality assessment and automated, transparent reporting. Collectively, this improves process efficiency, increasing the yield and quality of natural products in this new paradigm of sustainable agriculture.

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