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Efficient MS-based Workflows for Analysis of Released Glycans, Glycopeptides, and Glycosylated Intact Proteins in Biopharmaceutical Development

CASSS-AT 2023, Rotterdam, NL
May 9, 2023

Post-translational glycosylation plays a crucial role in protein structure and function. In the case of biopharmaceuticals, characterization of carbohydrate moieties is especially important because glycosylation affects numerous factors. These include physiochemical properties and thermal stability, reactivity with receptors, immunogenicity, and circulating half-life. Accordingly, detailed glycoanalysis is crucial if manufacturers are to achieve complete in-depth characterization and efficient quality control of biopharmaceutical products. We present software-driven MS-based methods that provide a complete and detailed overview of biopharmaceutical glycosylation at the intact protein, peptide, and released glycan levels.

Genedata Expressionist provides a highly flexible single-solution platform for glycoanalysis and offers customized glycan libraries, automated peak identification based on custom libraries, manual review of results, automated UV-based quantification, and very fast data processing.

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