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Analyzing Perfusion Processes in an Integrated Process Development Platform

ESACT 2022, Lisbon
June 26, 2022

We have built and extended a bioprocess development data management and workflow system to support automated workflows and increase throughput in cell line and process development. The data model of the platform has been designed to capture the heterogeneous data collected during process development campaigns. The platform has been extended to track analytical samples, harvested fractions, and time-series data of perfusion processes at any scale. We enabled the automatic addition of process and analytical data via online, at-line, and offline instruments, and manually via data submission forms. Submitted data are also automatically processed, aggregated, and visualized. We present concrete use cases showing how the platform supports clone evaluation and process development when perfusion processes are applied. We demonstrate the barcoded sampling and analytics workflow along this process and show how online and offline process and product quality data are processed and visualized. We show how the platform enables the correlation of process parameters with key performance indicators of the processes (e.g., specific productivity) and the product quality attributes (e.g., aggregation, glycosylation profiles). The impact of raw material batch-to-batch variation is also illustrated. In addition, the registration of harvested fractions and handover to the downstream processing is presented. 

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