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Advanced Bioinformatics Pipelines for NGS-Based Biosafety Analysis

September 27, 2021

Bioprocess International 2021

A successful NGS-based biosafety assay is heavily dependent on the computational algorithms used to process and analyze the data. In this poster, we provide an overview of the most important metrics which need to be considered when developing a bioinformatics pipeline for NGS-based adventitious agent detection (AAD).

Assay design and optimization are typically performed using virus spiking challenges to mimic the contamination of starting materials. Here, we use raw data from one of the available assay optimization studies to assess the effects of multiple analysis decisions and identify best practices. We demonstrate how full control over bioinformatics pipelines and visibility of data outputs offered by Genedata Selector® contributes to increased sensitivity and specificity of the NGS-based biosafety. All of the algorithms and tools discussed here are available in Genedata Selector® - an end-to-end software platform that supports the entire biosafety testing process.

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