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Addressing the Efficacy and Toxicity Challenges of Immuno-Oncology Drugs with Genedata Profiler

February 27, 2018 - Dr. Nadezda Masloboeva-Siwach, Scientific Account Manager at Genedata

Recent advances in cancer immunotherapy have shown unprecedented success in some advanced cancer patients, validating decades of work in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanism of antitumor immune response. However, low response rates for these types of therapies along with high probability of toxicity and high costs of treatment demand identification of prognostic, predictive, and toxicity biomarkers. Future success in immuno-oncology therapy development depends on the efficient integration, processing and analysis of a wide variety of genomic, metabolomic, proteomic and other data types, at scale and to regulatory standards.

In this webinar, Genedata data scientist, Dr. Nadezda Masloboeva-Siwach explores the challenges in immuno-oncology and outlines how Genedata Profiler address those challenges. She demonstrates:

  • How Genedata Profiler enables efficient integrated and collaborative management, processing and analysis of complex, high-dimensional multi-omic data sets in conjunction with clinical data;
  • How Genedata Profiler and Genedata data scientists can help accelerate your research in immuno-oncology.

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