Efficient Data Processing Workflows for in-depth, MS-based Glycoanalysis of Biopharmaceuticals

June 5, 2019

Presented at ASMS 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA

Glycosylation is the most common post-translational modification in proteins and plays a crucial role in structure and function. Characterization of carbohydrate moieties in biopharmaceuticals is especially important because glycosylation affects numerous factors; including a drug’s physiochemical properties and thermal stability, and its reactivity with receptors, immunogenicity, and circulating half-life. Accordingly, detailed glycoanalysis is vital to achieve complete in-depth characterization and quality control of biopharmaceutical products. We present software-driven MS-based methods that provide a complete and detailed overview of biopharmaceutical glycosylation at the intact protein, peptide, and released glycan levels.

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