Enterprise Mass Spectrometry Software Solution Enabling Characterization of Biotherapeutics from Discovery and Development to Production and Quality Control

March 20, 2018

Presented at the Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit 2018, Baltimore, MD, USA

Mass spectrometry has rapidly become a key technology for the complete characterization of biotherapeutic candidates, a task that is required throughout the entire discovery, development, and manufacturing cycle. Often data analysis has become the bottleneck limiting sample throughput and quality.

In this poster we present Genedata Expressionist®, a software solution that revolutionizes mass spectrometry data analysis and data management processes company-wide, from raw data to electronically signed reports. Offering complete automation across instruments and labs, the software streamlines complex processes such as peptide mapping, intact protein mass, released glycan, and host cell protein analysis. Genedata Expressionist provides a flexible workflow system enabling method development and implementation of standard operating procedures, setting a new benchmark in standardization and reproducibility.

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