Enterprise Software for Efficient Translational Research in an Increasingly Complex Regulatory Environment

September 28, 2016

Presented at the 14th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress, London, UK

Achieving the vision of precision medicine is reliant to a large degree on translational research activities that require researchers to characterize and profile patients in order to understand their response to new therapies, stratify patients for trials or search for new disease biomarkers.
The process of translational and clinical research poses significant challenges for organizations, ranging from federation of large volumes of disparate genomic and phenotypic data, through generating meaningful conclusions from such data, to collaborating across global locations. Furthermore, as researchers leverage confidential patient data (medical records, genetic information, etc.), organizations have to respect an often confusing and complex regulatory landscape. Genedata Profiler™ is a new translational research software platform developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies to effectively process, manage, and analyze omic and phenotypic data to the highest data quality and regulatory compliance standards.
In this poster we will focus on lifecycle method and data management in Genedata Profiler—critical considerations in meeting quality and compliance goals for omicsbased translational research.

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