A Software Platform for Improved Automated Clone Selection Based on Targeted Sequencing

August 17, 2016

Presented at The Bioprocessing Summit, Boston, MA, USA

Using targeted sequencing to validate integration sites, insert integrity, determine monoclonality and select the right clones requires an advanced bioinformatics solution with proper reference genomes. Addressing these needs is the Genedata Selector™ platform which provides a fully automated sequence analysis solution to support targeted sequencing projects.

The flexible and customizable Genedata Selector workflow applies to different targeted sequencing approaches including (i) read alignment against genome and vector, (ii) determination of integration sites, copy number, and structural variants and (iii) analysis of the actual observed sequences of inserted vectors. Automatically generated reports then present the data in a clear and concise manner. In this way, clone selection via targeted sequencing can be implemented and performed easily by bench researchers with no need for technical bioinformatics skills.

Key features of Genedata Selector include:

  • Automated data processing workflows for integration site validation
  • Relevant genomic information (public and proprietary data)
  • CHO and other mammalian cell line genomes provided with the software
  • Support for different target enrichment and sequencing technologies
  • Intuitive visualization of results for quick decision making
  • Support of experimental validation by PCR

The Genedata Selector platform improves the development of fully traceable, stable, high-yielding and competitive cell lines while reducing cumbersome data management and analysis.

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