A New Translational Research Software Platform for Efficient Patient and Compound Profiling

September 15, 2015

Presented at the Pharma IT Congress, London, UK

Genedata ProfilerTM is a new translational research software platform developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies to process, manage, and analyze NGS and other omics data from patient samples, applying highest data quality and regulatory compliance standards. Strict user management, audit trailing, access authorization, and a comprehensive reporting infrastructure are central components of the software to ensure conformity with the tightening legal framework governing clinical and pharmaceutical data privacy and security. Built on an adaptable and flexible client-server architecture, Genedata Profiler thrives on large and complex experimental data sets from all major vendors and technology platforms. It provides a flexible application program interface for easy federation of the latest NGS algorithms and integrates with other translational R&D solutions such as data warehouses (e.g. tranSMART) and data management middleware.
Facilitating collaboration within interdisciplinary and geographically dispersed teams, Genedata Profiler enables easy sharing of raw and processed data, standard operating procedures, and results. Integrating disease and genomic information from different studies allows advanced integrative data analyses. Working with NGS data from human samples in quality-controlled research environments, thereby ensuring security and privacy of patient information, is now possible in a single software platform.

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