New Workflow System for the Design and Evaluation of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

January 9, 2017

Presented at PepTalk, San Diego, CA, USA

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), or immunoconjugates, play an increasingly important role as a new class of oncology medicines which use the selectivity of monoclonal antibodies to achieve targeted delivery of cytotoxic drugs. However, the underlying ADC discovery and development process is complex and poses significant challenges in that systematic ADC design uses a combination of optimal conjugation strategy (e.g. lysines, cysteines, Fc glycans, non-natural amino acids), linkers (e.g. cleavable, non-cleavable), and small-molecule toxophores (e.g. MMAE, DM1, Calicheamicin). Here, we present Genedata Biologics™, an enterprise workflow platform that supports the full ADC discovery process including antibody screening and engineering, antibody expression and purification, and drug conjugation and reporting of ADC-specific analytics (e.g. DAR, drug distribution, homogeneity). The platform enables the registration and tracking of large panels of ADC candidates, and integrates results from analytics and functional assays in one integrated system, thereby substantially increasing throughput and efficiency of the ADC discovery process.

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