Scaling Up Design and Production of Non-Antibody Tool Proteins

November 21, 2016

Presented at PEGS Europe, Lisbon, Portugal

So much of the success of a drug discovery and development project depends on the availability and quality of tool proteins representing the drug targets and other protein reagents.  The tool proteins typically produced by protein sciences and technology groups are supplied to small-molecule and large-molecule research groups, medicinal chemistry groups, and others, and are used for various purposes such as high-throughput screening, structural biology and crystallization studies, or antigen materials.  Genedata Biologics™ is an established enterprise biologics screening, engineering, and production platform that now also provides tools for the high-throughput design, engineering, validation and production of these important tool proteins. The system includes comprehensive tracking and annotation of proteins, their domain variants (e.g. truncated or mutated), vectors and cell lines, as well as expression and purification products, related analytics and quality data with sample inventory and warehousing information, and transfer and QC documentation (e.g. auto-generated Certificate-of-Analysis). We will present how the platform enables high-throughput, highly parallelized workflows and a systematic evaluation of protein production success.

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