Genedata Selector: Industries

Genedata Selector has extensive experience improving efficiencies in both R&D and production in the biopharmaceutical, industrial biotechnology, and agribusiness industries.


New technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) are increasingly being incorporated into the drug development and production processes in biopharmaceutical companies. This is resulting in the generation of massive amounts of molecular data and is leading to a urgent need for data management, integration, analysis, and results sharing. 

Industrial Biotech

To optimize the efficiency of production microbes, industrial biotech companies have to collect genotype data and phenotypic characterizations for large numbers of strains. Managing and exploiting massive amounts of data can be a challenge for scientists and bioinformaticians.


Next-generation sequencing is having a significant influence on modern farming.  Breeding programs for both plants and animals, crop improvement and protection processes are being revolutionized by new technologies such as genetic engineering. This is generating a wealth of new information and in turn, an ever-increasing challenge for scientists and bioinformaticians.