Genedata Expressionist


Genedata Expressionist® is the enterprise software for identification and quantification of peptides and proteins in industrial settings. Offering complete automation across instruments and labs, it provides a complete platform for high-throughput proteomics studies. Scalable architecture and refined algorithms allow the treatment of data batches of any size driven by a powerful workflow-based processing system enabling full automation and standardization.

  • Client-server architecture and optimized algorithms for fast and efficient operations
  • Sophisticated raw data pre-processing for detection of low abundant species
  • Reliable and robust RT alignment enables batch comparison and accurate quantification
  • Advanced visualization and statistical tools for analysis and quality control of large data sets
  • Automated workflows for streamlined targeted proteomics (MRM, PRM) on large data sets
  • Untargeted approaches supporting data-dependent and independent acquisition
  • Integration of multiple search engines including Mascot, Sequest, and X!Tandem
  • Quantification and comparison of non-annotated compounds across samples
  • False discovery rate assessment through target decoy or model-based approaches
  • Integration of multiple charge states, adducts, and in-source fragments into one single signature
  • Reliable identification and accurate quantitation of expected and unexpected PTMs
  • Advanced statistics supporting multivariate tests and data mining for the analysis of complex data
  • Flexible reports for simple and efficient sharing of results and findings