Genedata Bioprocess

Increase Efficiency & Quality in Biopharma Development

Genedata Bioprocess® is a first-in-class enterprise workflow platform that enables the cost-efficient development of next-generation bio-manufacturing processes. 

See how to accelerate large-molecule development and empower decision making with Genedata Bioprocess®

Acting as an integrated data backbone, the platform supports the entire end-to-end large-molecule development and CMC workflow - covering cell line development, upstream process development (USP), downstream process development (DSP), formulation development (FD), process analytical support, and analytical development (AD). The platform scales with highest data volumes and integrates all relevant experimental data, such as data from bioreactors, downstream unit operations, or analytics devices.

Integrates and harmonizes bioprocess development workflows

Streamlines communication and hand-overs

Provides real-time access to all project information

Facilitates high-throughput processes

Enforces data integrity & compliance

Enables full automation & scale-up of operations