Genedata Biologics

Making Biopharma Discovery Faster & Better

Find out how MorphoSys has been Digitalizing Large-molecule R&D with Genedata Biologics® for over 10 years.

Genedata Biologics® is a first-in-class workflow system that boosts the efficiency of the biologics discovery process. Uniquely designed from the start for large molecules, the system increases throughput and quality during the biologics discovery process and covers therapeutic antibodies, bispecifics and other next-generation molecules, antibody drug conjugates, and therapeutic proteins. The platform supports the full breadth of the large-molecule research process - from screening, protein engineering and optimization, expression, purification, analytics and QC, to candidate developability and manufacturability assessment.

Genedata Biologics supports the design and engineering of superior therapeutic molecules and identifies the best molecules to move forward. By tightly integrating the process of candidate screening, engineering, testing, and selection, the system enables a simultaneous optimization of biological parameters as well as developability and manufacturability parameters, which reduce the risk of encountering unexpected obstacles during development.

See how to increase efficiency and quality of large-molecule research with Genedata Biologics®

Users report up to 50% gains in efficiency and throughput as well as improved quality of results. This is accomplished by tracking and managing all molecules, samples, and testing data in one shared system. A built-in large-molecule registration engine provides unique identification and naming of all biological entities, including proteins, cell lines, and plasmids. All data is shared, making the handover of samples and molecules between collaborating teams more efficient.

The platform simplifies and streamlines the underlying laboratory logistics processes, such as cloning, sequence and sample management, and instrument operation. It directly interfaces with laboratory instruments, facilitating data exchange and streamlining laboratory instrument operation. Full barcoding and automation support enable true high-throughput candidate screening, protein expression, purification, and characterization. 

Janssen, Celgene, and Aptevo use Genedata Biologics® to streamline biopharma operations.

Designed as a scalable enterprise solution, Genedata Biologics simultaneously supports hundreds of users, working in a multi-site, cross-department, and division-of-labor environment. The system works out-of-the-box in its default configuration, can be easily integrated with corporate-specific instruments and IT environments, and is available for both single groups as well as large, global installations.











多様なバイオロジクス分子タイプ(IgGs、Fabs、scFv、二重特異性抗体、次世代抗体フォーマット、融合抗体タンパク質、抗体薬物複合体 (ADCs)、非抗体疾患タンパク、等)に対応しています。