Our administration currently includes roles in finance, legal, and human resources.

The finance group is responsible for budget and resource planning, monitoring of actuals versus budgeted resources and the generation of forecasts. While providing transparency on the performance of the company, the group keeps a close eye on internal controls and financial accounting. Key tasks include reporting and preparation of financial statements according to national and international accounting standards.

Our legal department takes care of all contracts, ensuring comprehensive legal protection and regulatory compliance within the organization. The legal unit is also involved in providing advice on a broad spectrum of business-related issues.

In human resources, the primary focus is on finding new talent and in the development and retention of our employees. The group advises on all HR issues and serves as a centralized point of contact, interfacing with employees and all levels of management.

To be successful in our cross-functional administration team, it is essential to pair strong analytical and communication skills with business acumen and to adopt a common sense approach to legal, finance, and human resource issues. We seek professionals with excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills, who can align these requirements with the needs of the business.