Deep Learning for High Content Screening

A workflow to save you time

Genedata has developed an HCS image analysis workflow based on deep learning that cuts image analysis times by more than half, increases data quality, and finds new phenotypes. With this workflow you can:


    • Improve your results when differentiating cellular phenotypes by using deep-learning based similarity maps
    • Save time when optimizing your assay and image analysis by quickly retraining neural networks you already obtained in a similar experimental setting
    • Simplify the analysis so that non-experts can run the image analysis workflow from start to finish


    The workflow is now available via our Early Access Program - take the opportunity to explore how deep learning can improve your HCS image analysis. Contact us to start the discussion.

    If you would like to learn more about the technology behind the workflow, check out our posters or register for our deep learning newsletter.

    With deep learning-based CNNs, we have been able to reduce the classification time by a large margin compared to classical methods while obtaining results quality equal to human experts."

    - Oliver Dürr, Zurich University of applied sciences