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High Throughput Epitope Binning by SPR/BLI

Epitope Binning with Genedata Screener

Sorting lead antibody molecules into epitope bins can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a large-molecule campaign as it increases lead diversity and engineering opportunities down the line. This advantage is further multiplied if epitope binning is expanded and moved to earlier stages of discovery. Genedata Screener enables such scaling by allowing you to:

  • Rapidly perform SPR/BLI-based epitope binning independent of the instrument type with full automation from the raw data to the final bin assignment.
  • Generate high-quality, accurate binning by eliminating errors from old, copy-paste spreadsheet workflows.
  • View raw spectrograms right alongside your final binning results from SPR and BLI-based epitope binning for easy result interpretation and quality control. 
  • Visualize epitope bins and interactively use these visualizations to rapidly adjust binning as needed.

Large-molecule discovery groups at Amgen have used our solution to scale their epitope binning.

Poster title: A New Enterprise Software Platform for Efficient Large-Scale Antibody Characterization and Epitope Binning

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