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Some Phenotypes Are Not Easily Seen - Uncover Them!

In this talk presented at the ELRIG Drug Discovery conference in October 2021, James Robinson, Director of Pharmacology at AstraZeneca, explains how Genedata Imagence helped them to:

  • identify novel phenotypes
  • enable assays and endpoints previously not feasible
  • increase assay data robustness
  • save time due to automating analysis

This presentation shows real-life high content image analysis projects spanning different disease areas. 

See the Software in Action

Using Imagence requires no special expertise in machine learning. This was key for AstraZeneca, as it allowed broad and sustainable deployment across the company and different phases of their discovery pipeline. See for yourself how user-friendly Imagence is by downloading our webinar below.

Live Webinar: High Content Analysis with Genedata Imagence


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