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What's New in Expressionist — November 2020

News and latest developments surrounding Genedata Expressionist®—An enterprise software solution streamlining biopharma mass spectrometry workflows across instruments and organizations.

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Offering complete integration across instruments, laboratories, and organizations, Genedata Expressionist streamlines and automates MS-based biopharma applications and delivers reproducible, high-quality results while eliminating costs for training and maintenance of multiple software packages.

Advanced data workflow management capabilities break down data barriers, facilitating global collaboration, and harmonizing analytical processes within organizations. Integrated user role and method management—in combination with electronic signatures, data traceability, and audit trails—smooths deployment in standardized and regulated environments.

Webcast News

Genedata Expressionist Webcast News

Automated Site-Specific Glycosylation Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals

Watch leading scientists from Merck present an automated MS data workflow for high-throughput analysis of glycosylation in biopharmaceuticals that reduces processing time from weeks to minutes!

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MAM Validation in Biopharma Process Characterization

Catch up on our latest webcast where you can learn how scientists at Merck are automating MAM to dramatically increase productivity in quality monitoring of biopharmaceuticals!

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Virtual Conference Highlights — Festival of Biologics 2020

The first virtual Festival of Biologics was a great success and enabled many of our users to showcase the successes they have achieved working together with Genedata to the wider biopharma community.

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Automating MS-Based Biotherapeutic Characterization Workflows for Developability Assessment

Dr. Christian Hug described the design and implementation of an automated infrastructure and workflows for high-throughput MS-based protein analytics at Novartis and explained how automation delivers higher productivity, harmonized data analysis, and significant time-savings.

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Automated Multi Attribute Method Analyses for Process Development of mAbs

Dr. Noreen Rippolz described how her group achieves efficient PTM monitoring — through automation of sample preparation, LC-MS, and data treatment — to make MAM a powerful tool to support upstream and downstream process development and cell line development at Sanofi.

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Orthogonal Mass Spectrometry Approaches for the Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals

Dr. Lucia Colarusso described how MS is a key technique to disentangle the complexity of biotherapeutics and presented real-life examples of how extensive MS-based characterization of biotherapeutics is essential for building molecular knowledge and supporting product and process development.

Selected presentations are still available to existing registrants here.

New Scientific Publication

New Scientific Publication

Genedata contributed to a study combining cross-omics data integration and mass spectrometry-based proteomics data analysis to identify toxicity mechanisms in human microtissues.

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