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What's New in Expressionist — September 2020

News and latest developments surrounding Genedata Expressionist®—An enterprise software solution streamlining biopharma mass spectrometry workflows across instruments and organizations.

Genedata Expressionist 14.0 is here!

This latest release of our enterprise mass spectrometry software focuses on innovative biotherapeutics and addresses industry challenges in characterizing novel and complex biotherapeutic constructs and monitoring their critical quality attributes.
Click below to discover more about the highlights of the new release, including new functionalities for analyzing mass spectrometry data in oligonucleotide and intact protein analysis!

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On-Demand Virtual Conference Highlights

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

GMP-Compliant Quality Control of Oligonucleotides by Mass Spectrometry

Dr Juliet Padden of Bayer—who is an experienced user of Genedata Expressionist for analysis of antibody-based biotherapeutics—describes how her lab implemented a fully GMP-compliant automated data workflow for quality control of therapeutic oligonucleotides.


In-Depth Peptide Mapping Profiling of Multispecific Antibodies for Developability Assessment Studies

Dr Soraya Hölper of Sanofi described how her group used Genedata Expressionist to develop a custom data processing workflow enabling them to extract the maximum amount of molecular information from their biotherapeutic candidate molecules and create a knowledge base that allows them to leverage insights gained throughout a molecule’s lifecycle for future analyses and development. 

Presentation at PEGS Boston Virtual 2020

New Scientific Publication

New Scientific Publication

Discover how a research group at Merck hyphenated strong cation exchange chromatography to native mass spectrometry and used Genedata Expressionist to analyze data from high-throughput charge variant analysis of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

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Webcast News

Webcast News

You can still watch our most recent webcast in which Cédric Mesmin and Lucie Manache-Alberici of Merck Biodevelopment describe how they implemented streamlined, automated MAM approaches for process development and validation using Genedata Expressionist.

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Save the Date!

On November 18, 2020 you can watch leading scientists from Merck presenting an automated MS data workflow for high-throughput screening of glycosylation in biopharmaceuticals that reduces processing time from weeks to minutes!

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