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PEGS Europe—Protein and Antibody Engineering Summit

Virtual Conference
November 9–12, 2020

Meet Genedata experts at PEGS Europe.

Don't miss the opportunity to see how Genedata solutions efficiently support the whole biopharmaceutical R&D workflow, including screening and protein engineering, expression and purification, characterization and analysis of protein therapeutics, cell line design and development, bioprocess optimization, stratification of clinical trial subjects, and quality control of biologicals.

For more information about Genedata solutions or to set up a meeting,  please contact info(at)genedata.com.

Recommended Oral Presentations

Synthetic DNA Technologies Enable Fast and Responsive SARS- CoV-2 Antibody Discovery and Optimization
Aaron K. Sato, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Biopharma, Twist Bioscience

Engineering Antibodies
Wednesday, November 11 | 14:45–15:05 GMT (9:45–10:05 am EST)

Utilizing its proprietary DNA technology to write synthetic libraries, Twist Biopharma provides antibody discovery and optimization solutions for the biotechnology industry, based on a strategy of combining highly diverse synthetic naïve antibody phage display libraries with an end-to-end digitalization workflow that allows us to identify leads against difficult-to-drug targets in high-throughput. Here, we present a panel of high affinity anti-SARS-CoV-2 S1 and anti-ACE2 antibodies we have identified that may have both therapeutic and/or diagnostic applications.

Recommended Poster Presentations

Streamling & Increasing the Efficiency of Large-Molecule Discovery Workflows

End-to-End Workflow Platform for Integrated Biopharmaceutical Development

A Novel Mass Spectrometry Data Processing Strategy for Increasing Sensitivity and Accuracy and Reducing False-Positive Identifications in Detection of Low-abundance HCPs