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Streamlining the Analysis of Compound Combination Screens—Webinar for Japan

The Genedata Screener® Webinar "Streamlining the Analysis of Compound Combination Screens", held on October 28, will be hosted by Genedata KK on November 11 for researchers located in Japan.

Combination therapies are increasingly important in many fields—from cancer therapies to infectious diseases. Genedata Screener effectively streamlines the discovery of synergistic drug combinations with an end-to-end data processing workflow. It makes the analysis of compound combination screens as simple as classical screens while maintaining full scalability and traceability for scientists signing off on the results.

Join us for a webinar and software demonstration for insights on:

  • Unique challenges of compound combination data analysis 
  • How Genedata Screener facilitates such complex analysis 
  • Step-by-step analysis workflow including:
    • Automated data processing and quality control 
    • Straightforward exploration of results in dedicated visualizations 
    • Summary review, hit identification and sign-off.
  • Gabriela Nass Kovacs, Ph.D., Scientific Account Manager, Genedata AG