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Festival of Biologics

Virtual Conference
November 2–6, 2020

Meet Genedata experts at the Festival of Biologics.

Don't miss the opportunity to see how Genedata solutions efficiently support the whole biopharmaceutical R&D workflow, including screening and protein engineering, expression and purification, characterization and analysis of protein therapeutics, cell line design and development, bioprocess optimization, stratification of clinical trial subjects, and quality control of biologicals.

For more information about Genedata solutions or to set up a meeting, please contact info(at)genedata.com.

Recommended Oral Presentations

Dealing with the Combinatorial Complexity of Protein Engineering: Bi- and Multi-specifics, TCRs and CAR Ts
Jessy Sheng, Ph.D., Scientific Consultant, Genedata

Cell and Gene Immunotherapy Session
November 2, 2020 | 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST)

We present a new technology platform that fully automates molecular design, as well as the integrated assessment of potency, efficacy, and developability profiling of large panels of bispecific candidates. We will present use cases showing how the platform allows for the systematic cloning, expression, purification, and characterization of complex multi-specific, CAR T and TCR modalities, with a focus on immuno-oncology applications.

Automating MS-Based Biotherapeutic Characterization Workflows for Developability Assessment
Christian Hug, Ph.D., Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland

CMC & Developability Session
Tuesday, November 3 | 10:20–10:40 am GMT

Dr. Hug describes the design and implementation of an automated infrastructure and workflows for high-throughput MS-based protein analytics at Novartis and explains how automation delivers higher productivity, harmonized data analysis, and significant time-savings.

Challenges in Characterization and Developability of Multispecific Antibodies
Soraya Hölper, Ph.D., Lab Head, Mass Spectrometry, Sanofi, Germany

CMC & Developability Session
Tuesday, November 3 | 11:40–12:00 am GMT

Dr. Hölper describes the multispecific modalities and developability concept at Sanofi and the bioanalytics that her group use to study mispairing and simultaneous target binding of multispecific molecules. She also showcased the sophisticated analytics and engineering activities used to improve profiling of a bispecific antibody.