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CASSS: AT Europe

Virtual Conference
November 3–6, 2020

Meet Genedata Expressionist® at CASSS: AT Europe.

Don't miss the opportunity to see how Genedata solutions efficiently support the whole biopharmaceutical R&D workflow, including screening and protein engineering, expression and purification, characterization and analysis of protein therapeutics, cell line design and development, bioprocess optimization, and quality control of biologicals.

Please schedule a meeting with our scientists during the conference or email us if you have any queries. Please contact expressionist(at)genedata.com.

Recommended Oral Presentations

An Automated MS Data Workflow Enabling Targeted, Site-specific Glycosylation Monitoring in High-Throughput Screening of Biopharmaceuticals
Pauline Ulrich, Pharm.D., Biotech Process Sciences Analytics, Merck Serono SA, Switzerland

New Applications of Spectroscopy Technologies to Support the Analysis of Biotherapeutics Session
Time and date to be confirmed

An automated MS data workflow that overcomes the drawbacks of conventional glycoanalysis and offers advantages such as site-specific, high-confidence identifications enables user-friendly processing of 45 biopharmaceutical samples in under an hour-instead of the several days of expert manual review that would be required using conventional, non-MS based methods.

Absolute and Multiplexed Quantitation of Intact Antibodies by Orbitrap LC-MS and Time-resolved Deconvolution
Ewald van den Bremer, Ph.D., Genmab A/S, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Analytical Challenges for Novel Modalities Session
Time and date to be confirmed

Recommended Poster Presentations

Efficient Data Processing Workflows for In-depth, MS-based Glycoanalysis of Biopharmaceuticals Catherine Evans, Ph.D., Genedata Expressionist

A Workflow for Automated Comprehensive Characterization and Quantification of Low-Abundance Sequence Variants in a Standard Monoclonal Antibody
Dominik Mertens, Ph.D., Genedata Expressionist