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Missed us at BPI?

Couldn't make it to BioProcess International Europe? Find out how Genedata Bioprocess® empowers bio-manufacturing by integrating and harmonizing bioprocess development and CMC workflows across CLD, USP and DSP, formulation, and analytics. Check out these presentations showing how pharmas and CMOs digitalize operations, enforce data integrity and compliance, and achieve next-generation bioprocess development.

Sartorius Accelerates CLD.

Despite the demand of ‘speed to clinic’ to bring new biotherapeutics into clinical trials, the CHO cell line development (CLD) process is associated with long development timelines, heavy manual workload and large data volumes. To overcome these obstacles in CLD sectors, we developed an accelerated, efficient and robust CLD platform, combined with flexible automated technologies and high-standard digital data management solutions. By leveraging our improved Sartorius Cellca CLD 4.0 platform we reliably generate high-yielding, stable and large-scale-cell compatible cell lines within 12 weeks. This is enabled by our integrated CLD, automation, and data management approach taking us to the next level of operational excellence.

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Automate. Streamline Workflows.

Genedata has developed an E2E platform that supports the entire bioprocess development workflow by automating cell line development and managing upstream process, downstream process, analytical and formulation development. The system directly integrates with instruments and enables informed decision-making via its query and reporting infrastructure. We present efficiency and quality gains in cell line and upstream process development as well as viral vector production.

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The Complete E2E Platform.

Co-developed in close collaboration with leading biopharmaceutical companies, Genedata Bioprocess fully automates cell line development and assessment of scale-down upstream processes (USP), and also manages USP up-scaling, downstream process (DSP) development, as well as analytical and formulation development.  It directly integrates with instruments, such as pipetting robots, bioreactors, control systems, and bioanalyzers and can be applied to antibodies (IgGs, novel bi- and multi-specific formats), and other therapeutic proteins and cell therapeutics (e.g., engineered FVIII variants, fusion proteins, CAR-T).

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Watch this four-minute video introducing the only platform that integrates and centrally manages all data along biopharma development and CMC workflows, unleashing the power to digitally trace every molecule, sample, result, and process.

Digitalize Next-Gen Development.

Achieve operational excellence with the only platform uniquely built for the development of biotherapeutic drugs. Acting as a structured data backbone that integrates across biopharma workflows and automates lab instruments and robotics stations, Genedata Bioprocess ensures maximal efficiency along the whole end-to-end workflow. The platform supports cutting-edge technologies, such as highly parallel scale-down bioreactor panels, as well as complex DSP unit operations and sophisticated analytical techniques. Users at all levels of an organization get real-time access to all relevant data to enable data-driven decisions that empower R&D.

Industrialize. Improve Productivity.

By directly integrating with all laboratory instruments, such as bioreactors, downstream processing equipment, and analytics devices, Genedata Bioprocess automates data capture, which dramatically improves overall productivity and reduces manual errors. The platform can also be integrated with robotics equipment, enabling full automation and high-throughput processes, such as HT formulation screens.

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