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Next-Generation Bioprocess Development. Today.

Genedata Bioprocess® empowers bio-manufacturing by integrating and harmonizing bioprocess development and CMC workflows across CLD, USP and DSP, formulation, and analytics. The platform is used by biopharmas and CMOs worldwide to digitalize development operations and enforce data integrity and compliance.



Watch this four-minute video introducing the only platform that integrates and centrally manages all data along biopharma development and CMC workflows, unleashing the power to digitally trace every molecule, sample, result, and process.

Purpose-built. Digitalizing Next-Generation Process Design.

Achieve operational excellence with the only platform uniquely built for the development of biotherapeutic drugs. Acting as a structured data backbone that integrates across biopharma workflows and automates lab instruments and robotics stations, Genedata Bioprocess ensures maximal efficiency along the whole end-to-end workflow. The platform supports cutting-edge technologies, such as highly parallel scale-down bioreactor panels, as well as complex DSP unit operations and sophisticated analytical techniques. Users at all levels of an organization get real-time access to all relevant data to enable data-driven decisions that empower R&D.


In two minutes, find out how Genedata Bioprocess directly integrates with all laboratory instruments to automate data capture.

Automate & Industrialize.
Improve Productivity.

By directly integrating with all laboratory instruments, such as bioreactors, downstream processing equipment, and analytics devices, Genedata Bioprocess automates data capture, which dramatically improves overall productivity and reduces manual errors. The platform can also be integrated with robotics equipment, enabling full automation and high-throughput processes, such as HT formulation screens.

Vaccine Development

Designed to increase the efficiency and quality of vaccine discovery, the end-to-end enterprise platform supports the full development process for novel vaccines and enables faster testing, simplified production, and reduced costs. In addition to classical vaccine R&D approaches, it supports novel vaccine technologies such as synthetic self-amplifying mRNA, which accelerates vaccine development by utilizing synthetic and cell-free processes. This paves the way for the development of novel vaccines, even for antigens that are extremely difficult to produce and formulate. A dedicated, purpose-built enterprise software platform, it automates complex processes, supports teamwork in a division of labor environment, and integrates new R&D technologies and workflows. In particular, it optimizes vaccine bioprocess development, monitors vaccine product quality, and ensures data integrity and compliance

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Our Customers

Customer Stories

Watch this two-minute video showing how Sartorius uses Genedata as a central repository and automation platform to digitalize and streamline operations.

Pharmaceutical giants as well as renowned CMOs around the world use Genedata Bioprocess to increase the efficiency of their development processes. Renowned CMO Sartorius Stedim Biotech implemented Genedata Bioprocess to fully digitalize their laboratory workflows. As Sartorius moved from spreadsheets to automated data handling, they enabled complete digital traceability and automation of their bioprocess development operations. The result - an increase in overall productivity by a factor of 3.

Conference Presentations

More Customer Presentations

Genedata's customers at leading biopharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide regularly present how Genedata Bioprocess is used to advance their R&D activities. Learn how Pfizer, Bayer, Sanofi, Celgene and others are streamlining processes and increasing efficiency of their biotherapeutic development operations with the Genedata platform.

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Meet the Genedata Community

Genedata Biopharma Partner Symposium
March 23–24, 2022 | Basel, Switzerland

This unique interdisciplinary event at the interface between biopharma R&D and IT is your chance to learn how other companies have set up and are using Genedata platforms. Presentations and discussions will focus on innovative applications and new industry requirements, such as novel molecular formats (e.g., multispecifics, TCRs, and CARs), MS-based multi-attribute methods (MAM), NGS, molecular-based patient profiling, and increasing automation and standardization in biopharmaceutical R&D.

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