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Join us in Digitalizing R&D!

Genedata provides industry leading software solutions for highly complex biopharma R&D with a focus on streamlining and automating data processes. Our solutions integrate scientific domain expertise with strong computational knowledge and a deep understanding of biopharma business and regulatory requirements.

Data Scientists at Genedata

Our data scientists look for new analysis methods and create new software features with one guiding goal – streamlining and automating data processes. Based on both classical data science approaches and the latest artificial intelligence methods, they conceptualize software features and collaborate on a variety of independent and team projects in which they analyze customer data, do feasibility studies, specify features, and set benchmarks. They develop statistical methods and analysis pipelines and prototype and implement selected and bespoke algorithms in collaboration with SCRUM-driven Software Engineers. In addition, they present use cases internally and to customers, highlighting results and implemented methods.

What Experience Do You Need?

Most of our data scientists have a mathematical and/or computer science background and they often have algorithmic understanding of deep learning approaches, in particular convolutional neural networks. All have experience in scripting project code, especially in Python.

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