Genome Data Management & Analysis

The Genedata SelectorTM suite is an enterprise solution for managing and analyzing genome-related knowledge for strain, cell line and germplasm optimization.
The application suite enables processing of raw sequencing data, integration of genomic data with transcriptomics and metabolomics data, improved gene functional annotation, insights into molecular pathways and statistical analysis.

Highly-scalable and organism agnostic, Genedata Selector supports biological data management and analysis with a focus on high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)- and omics-based approaches for optimization of production organisms. Based on sophisticated data analysis algorithms, Genedata Selector establishes genotype-phenotype relationships enabling researchers to efficiently select the most promising strain, cell line or germplasm and allows organizations to generate and protect key intellectual property.

Our solution is designed to help you achieve your research objectives, improve process efficiency, and maximize your research investment in developing market-leading products.

Genedata’s Selector solution is tailored to your business and scientific needs.  Our comprehensive software suite is available as individual products, or as an integrated suite. Scientific consulting services allow you to augment your team’s expertise, address peak resource needs, or outsource according to your business needs. Our professional services run a full spectrum from custom software development, strategic co-development projects, and data loading/integration to hosting and IT services.

Addressing the complete life cycle of R&D projects – from early-stage feasibility studies through late-stage product development – Genedata scientific consulting delivers a full portfolio of analysis and bioinformatics services, including:

  • Proprietary genome annotation, including gene calling and functional annotations up to the pathway level (for prokaryotes as well as eukaryotes)
  • Production strain comparisons, including interpretations of biological effects of variants
  • Cellular signaling network reconstructions for proprietary strains, based on expression and regulatory sequence data
  • Biomarkers, based on omics, NGS, pathway, and functional annotation data
  • Statistical expression analysis reports (e.g. of microarray or RNAseq data)

Genedata Selector is delivered with “gold standard” public genome data relevant to your research; when coupled with proprietary data, you have a comprehensive platform to capitalize on molecular data and fuel your discovery.

The Selector application suite provides the following key benefits:

  • Organism-Agnostic: applicable to all biotech-relevant organisms across all phylogenetic kingdoms, including bacteria, fungi, mammalian cell lines, and plants.
  • Scalable: highly scalable to thousands of genomes without limitation on performance.
  • Integrated & Interconnected: full data integration (e.g. genome sequences, enzymatic pathways, phenotype, public & proprietary data) enabling discovery of novel relationships and patterns in complex biological networks.
  • Centralized: user-friendly infrastructure enabling data and knowledge sharing between individuals, groups, and departments.
  • Secure: ensures data security and IP protection.

Designed with an open architecture, Genedata Selector can be seamlessly integrated with any corporate IT infrastructure.

Genedata's professional services consists of a broad spectrum ranging from custom software development, strategic co-development projects, and data loading/integration to hosting and IT services.  These services empower researchers to focus on scientific discovery and organizations to quickly become operational.