for High Content Screening

High content screening data analysis software - Genedata Screener

Genedata Screener® for High Content Screening (HCS) covers complete screening analysis from cell-level data to final campaign results. Out-of-the box, Genedata Screener integrates  with  leading HCS instruments, simultaneously supporting multiple HCS systems.

With HCS images at your fingertips, you are a click away from instant image access throughout the data analysis pipeline. You can review phenotypic changes and look for biological events (e.g. during DRC fitting); interactive Cell Histograms let you analyze cell populations and calculate cell-to-well aggregations.

For screens of 100s or 1000s of plates with 5, 10 or 50 HCS features per well, Genedata Screener is single-point access to all HCS data. It standardizes quality control and analysis, and manages data and images for enterprise-wide access and interpretation.

Genedata Screener is a complete solution for HCS data analysis, which captures and stores HCS images and image analysis results. With  built-in workflow support and flexibility, the Genedata image and data management solution uniquely supports complex, heterogeneous HCS environments.

HCS Image and Result Storage
The Complete HCS Solution

Genedata’s Image Storage Solution

  • Built on openBIS for HCS
  • Captures and manages images from any instrument and image analysis software
  • Transparent modeling of dependencies between results and images
  • Open and highly customizable (e.g. flexible API for instrument integration and data access)
  • Fast import, query and retrieval of images and data
  • Supports automated and standardized workflows
  • Automates archiving of all imported data
  • Tracks of all user decisions

Selection of Supported HCS Instruments

Genedata Screener® integrates with leading HCS platforms to create single-point access to all HCS images and data. Genedata customers run on one or more of the following:

  • PerkinElmer Columbus Image Data Management
  • Thermo Scientific Store database
  • Molecular Devices MDC Store Data Management
  • openBIS for HCS
  • Custom management systems

The high degree of compatibility gives our customers:

  • Unified HCS data analysis workflow including efficient quality control
  • Interactive visualization of data during data analysis
  • Instant access to HCS images and results, including downstream applications across different geographies

Beyond Software

“Data visualization and data quality assurance were key drivers behind choosing Genedata’s solution.”

Hiroki Takaya, Group Manager, Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Optimized results via interactive access to images in the context of plates, wells or DRCs and enhanced understanding of the well response.
  • Increased data analysis flexibility with capabilities such as calculating on-the-fly aggregation of cell populations resulting in individual well features.
  • Consistent enterprise-wide data analysis single-point data access from different HCS instrument and image management systems.
  • Concentrated data analysis time independent of  throughput (e.g. through instant and interactive access to images and statistics for well to entire campaigns).